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“Phyllis is such a pleasure to work with. Having run a marketing agency for 16 years, I am very picky about who I trust to support my clients with content creation. She gives her all to her work and really does create content in the voice of who she writes for.”

- Lorrie Thomas Ross, Transformational Marketing Guide and CEO of Web Marketing Therapy

Phyllis is an amazingly talented writer and an absolute pleasure to work with. It is always On-Brand and excellent quality. My clients appreciate her responsive "can-do" attitude and fast delivery. Thank you Phyllis!!!"


- Dianne Beatty, 

“Phyllis was such a pleasure to work with. She asked me a lot of great questions which helped me fine-tune my services and identify my target market for my speaker services. When people visit my website now, they know exactly what I do and how I can help them.” 

- Nita Patel, best-selling author and motivational speaker


"She wrote what was in my head, but with better articulation, so she exceeded my expectations. She is also very easy to communicate with. I recommend Phyllis and her great skills!"

- Sandy Chisholm, Home Style Design, Lead Magnet Design


"Absolutely fantastic writer. Understood exactly what I wanted and delivered ASAP. It's like she read my mind." 

- Moxigirl at Content Runner, 450-word articles, Writing Prompts. Niche: Business & Marketing



"WAY beyond what I was expecting!​ Anyone can write text but Phyllis brought a real depth of humanity to the text that I really wanted, and not many writers can do that. From just two phone calls, she absorbed everything this product is about and encapsulated it beautifully.​ Even on the sort of obscure pages, she really seemed to "get" what my client's product is/does in a way that even I didn't! I'm so glad I hired her. It really went better than I could have imagined. Super happy." 

- Barbara Schendel - Wizzy Wig Design, Health Product Website Rewrite

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