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It's Been A While...

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an article.

I could say I’ve been busy writing content for other people, co-authoring a fantastic book that's close to publication (stay tuned!), editing another manuscript, moving to Ecuador, living… While that’s all true and quite time-consuming, the fact is - I haven’t written an article in a while.

That seems strange, even to me, when writing is what I do.

Then, it being the end of the year, I realized it was time for me to publish my list of Favorite Reads for 2021. I love, love, love to read as well as write, so no problem with motivation or prioritizing, I got right on it and made my list. Hmm.

That post will come out tomorrow, New Year's Day 2022. With the advent of ebooks and audiobooks, it’s now possible to easily consume hundreds of books every year.

My new plan is to break it down into monthly reads and hopefully get some interaction going to learn what you’re reading, too! We tend to read the same kinds of things, so it’s good to branch out sometimes, see what we’re missing.

So, super short article today. I hope everyone has taken some time off to relax and... read!

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