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10 Reasons Businesses Don't Include Content in Their Marketing Strategy

And why this is a mistake.

If you want your business to succeed, be it large or small, you need a strategy. Right? We all know that those who fail to plan, are planning to fail. (Thanks, Ben Franklin.)

So, even if you have the best and most expensive marketing strategy in the world - if content isn’t an integral part of your strategy, I won’t say it will fail but it definitely won’t be nearly as successful as you’d like it to be.

And you’ll be doing your business, your current clients, and your potential clients a huge disservice.

A teacher long ago helped me understand the importance of defining one’s terms so we’re all on the same page as we begin any discussion, so bear with me or jump ahead if this is second nature to you.

What is Content?

Content is any information or experience designed to benefit the recipient. It can be expressed not only through the written word, but through podcasts and other audio, video, and even art.

What is the Goal of Marketing?

Well, if you don’t already know, I’m not sure I can help you. But seriously, think about it. The goal of marketing is, in short, to ethically make a sale. You have something of value to offer, and someone out there needs it.

What is Content Marketing?

For our purposes, content marketing is a strategic approach that involves creating and distributing online articles, blog posts, web copy, email newsletters, testimonials, social media, etc. Obviously, in a broader context, content marketing also includes audio, video, and more.

The goal is to attract, retain, and promote customer action by educating and stimulating interest in your company’s services or products.

Currently, over 70% of businesses use content in their marketing strategy. Let’s take a look at why your business may not be on board with it yet.

10 Reasons Businesses Don’t Include Content in Their Marketing Strategy

1. You don’t understand what content marketing is or how effective it is.

Fact is, according to one survey, the overwhelming majority of people (70%) prefer learning about a business, product, or service by reading an article.

2. You’re not sure what you want to say, or you don’t know the right things to write about for your audience.

This takes time and thought, and if writing isn’t your “thing,” you can go round and round trying to come up with something relevant.

3. You haven’t narrowed down your target audience, so you don’t understand your client avatar’s needs or desires.

This is so basic and foundational to any successful business, but worth bringing up - if you’re appealing to everyone, you’re probably not appealing to anyone. There are exceptions of course: food, paper products, etc., but even there - especially there! - you need an angle to your copy by addressing their needs and desires.

4. You’re not sure if you should be writing blog posts or website articles, content or copy - or for that matter, what the difference is.

This is critical for getting results, but in the end everything you write should provide value and point back to your website.

5. You’re not confident about your writing skills.

Maybe that’s putting it mildly and you know your writing skills are - nonexistent? You can learn how to write via many online courses and available books on the subject if you’re so inclined, or you can hire a skilled and experienced writer.

6. Maybe you can write, but you don’t know how to write compelling and engaging copy that will draw the right people in.

Writing is a skill, and in marketing always has one ultimate goal - to draw the right people in and buy. This is not sleazy sales, more on this in another article.

7. You feel it’s too time consuming to write, and just not worth it.

You have a business to run and would much rather work in your Zone of Genius. That’s totally fine, but doesn’t eliminate the need to be putting quality and consistent content out there in order to get more customers.

8. You’re wondering if you need a plan, or if you can just “wing it” and write whatever, whenever.

Yes, you need a plan. A competent marketing strategist can help you plan out your strategy over the year in order to get the best results. Some writers also offer that service and will work closely with you to help you achieve your goals.

9. You’re a perfectionist, and can never finish an article or post because it’s never “good enough.”

One of the first things I learned as a writer is that I’m not writing another War and Peace. Well, not yet, anyway. Quality, yes, but perfectionism is an illusion. And don’t forget the incredibly vast onslaught of information every one of us is subjected to on a daily basis, so if you end up making a mistake? It will soon be forgiven and forgotten. Just write.

10. You wouldn’t mind hiring it out but are afraid it would cost too much.

Content marketing actually costs less than traditional marketing, yet generates about 3 times as many leads. So your ROI (Return on Investment) will far outweigh the cost to provide content.

Currently, 80% of B2C marketers are most likely to outsource content creation because they recognize the need for quality and strategic content.


All the above points are understandable, but they’re also stumbling blocks that prevent getting the word out about the valuable service or product you provide that can help solve someone’s very real problems. They are looking for solutions, but if your potential client or customer doesn't even know you exist, there’s no way they’re coming to you for help.

And that’s not fair - to you or to them.

Most businesses today understand the need for providing quality and consistent content as a vital part of their marketing strategy. I hope I've convinced you, too!

If you have more questions, or if you already know that you need an experienced, quality freelance writer to help get the word out about your product or service, shoot me an email at or visit my website

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