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Gardening Together

Why Train Online?


Health and fitness have been my twin passions for over 40 years. I’ve seen fads come and go, each week bringing a newly discovered “superfood”, diet, exercise, or self-help regime promising miraculous, quick and easy results. 

My friend, lasting change doesn’t happen that easily, nor does one approach work with everyone. The term “bio-individuality” simply means an individual approach for each person. That’s how I work with you – one on one, with results tailored to YOUR needs.

Online Training - Is it for you?

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Her energy and enthusiasm are amazing...5 stars!

Her knowledge and willingness to share are truly priceless....

you will get back all you put into it; plus 100% more.

Phyllis' motivation, encouragement and obvious sincerity has a great deal to do with the success I and others have had.  - Bob

You have not only helped me physically but also mentally. Thank you!   - June

After just 4 sessions, Mom has told me she is seeing improvement in her mobility and strength. Thank you, Phyllis, for helping Mom have a better quality of life.  - Martha

You've helped me more than my physical therapist!  - Kay

Phyllis has done a fabulous job working with our mother who has mild dementia. She's very patient and professional and also a wonderful person.   - D.S.

Your bubbly personality and energy level makes working out tons of fun! Your extensive knowledge of the body plus your analysis of my limitations and, more importantly, my capabilities, allowed me to achieve much more than I ever thought I could.  - Dotty


Work with me online

to get the results

you’re looking for! 

One-on-one Packages include:

$70/hour for 10 sessions

$65/hour for 20 sessions


Online Training

Silver and Gold Packages


Private Yoga & Tai Chi Instruction

Work with me one-on-one or online to get the results

you’re looking for! 

One-on-one Packages include:

$70/hour for 10 sessions

$65/hour for 20 sessions


What changes do you want to experience in YOUR life?
  • Have more energy?
  • Feel less stressed?
  • Release tight muscles?
  • Do More with Your?
  • Enjoy Life More!

I can help. Get in touch to see how.

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In case you're wondering...


  • Certified Personal Trainer

  • Corrective Exercise Specialist

  • Barefoot Trainer Specialist

  • Human Movement Specialist

  • Group Fitness Instructor

  • Yoga Instructor

  • Tai Chi Instructor

  • Water Yoga Instructor

  • Barre Instructor

  • Silver Sneakers Instructor 

  • Certified Helath Coach

  • Senior Fitness Specialist

  • Senior Fitness Nutrition Specialist

  • Parkinson's Trainer

  • TRX Instructor

  • Juice Therapist

Professional Certifying


  • National Academy of Sports Medicine

  • American Academy on Exercise

  • Evidence-Based Fitness Academy

  • Functional Aging Institute

  • Brookbush Institute

  • Silver Sneakers / Tivity

  • Complementary Medicine Association

  • Institute of Integrative Nutrition

  • Online Training Academy

  • Parkinson's Regeneration Training

  • TRX

  • Pure Barre

That's enough, you get the idea.

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